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Archive for January 2024

MLM System for Ultimate World Alliance

MLM System for Ultimate World Alliancewebsite: MLM Features:– Direct Referral– Unilevel Bonus– Unilevel Product– Global Pool Bonus– Double Money Income– Direct DR 5% Sharing– and many more.. MLM System powered by Dynite / MLM Soft PHFor more info visit or call 0906 952 7018 #MLMSystem#cloudserver#MLMmarketing#cloudsystem#onlinesystem

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EDSAI CAFE wifi voucher is powered by DT WIFI Hotspot

DT Wifi Hotspot offers a Captive Portal for restaurant, coffee shop, hotel and other establishment. This will control the guest to use the Free Wifi internet. Client can choose from 1HR to 12HRs depends on their request. The captive portal also can be customized such as additional graphics or advertisement products upon the guest to…

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Restaurant POS initial setup for Edsai Café

Kitchen module tablet setup Service staff module tablet seup Virtual Private network setup which system can be access through tablet and PC Monitor can be upgraded to Touch Screen Serving soon.. Resto POS powered by Dynite Wifi Voucher powered by DT WIFI Hotspot Client Logo designed by Jhoanna Rosauro #restoPOS#touchscreenPOS #pointofsale

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