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If your old website is preventing your from achieving your online marketing objectives due to unattractive design, obsolete content, and poor search engine ranking then we can give you assistance. Dynite IT Solutions expert in website redesign and revamps. We can improve the original design or totally come up with a different one and modernize the look and feel of your website. We can make your website feel classy, modern and new again, appealing more customers and improving your company’s online presence.


  • Enhance the existing design or create a totally new layout. We can give your website a fresh look and make sure you keep up with the latest trends in web design.
  • Update the content of your website. We can edit existing content, add new pages, upload new photos or embed videos to make your website up to date.
  • Ease of use. If your website is static, we can convert it to Content Management System (CMS) which will allow you to easily update the content of your website yourself.
  • Improved ranking in search engines. We can improve your website’s search engine ranking by adhering to SEO best practices when developing your new website and make sure your website is visible to search engines.
  • Social media integration. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are great ways to generate interest in your website and generate new clients.
  • Faster loading website. All our websites comply to coding best practices and we optimize our codes and compress images to make sure your users don’t have to wait for too long to open your site.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly. Our websites are responsive and adjusts to fit any mobile or tablet which will give your site a more professional look and a competitive edge.