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Bid and Awards Committee Procurement Monitoring System (BACPMS)

On-site and Online System intended to BAC Procurement for easy process of transaction. This system can be used for City and Municipality Level. Local Government Unit (LGU) will benefits this system for faster purchase request acquisition. Thus it will serve as transparency to the public and invite more bidders.

On-site Capabilities

  1. Summary of Items to be Procured (SIP)
  2. Annual Procurement Plan (APP) prescribed form of GPPB
  3. Purchase Request Encoding/Generation
  4. Procurement Monitoring (From APP Stage to Awarding Stage) prescribed forms of GPPB
  5. Product Catalogue Master list / Monitoring
  6. Document Generation (Invitation to Bid (ITB) / Request for Quotation (RFQ)/ Philippine Bidding Documents / Notice of Award / Notice to Proceed / Contract/Purchase Order) prescribed forms of GPPB
    1. Process of Generation is based on IRR of RA 9184.
  7. Bidding Document Posting/Uploading
  8. Archiving of BAC Documents (e.g NOA/Resolution etc.)
    1. Able to set the Archive Documents to be post on website for Transparency purposes
  9. Evaluation Assist and Resolution / Abstract Generation
  10. Procurement Management Report (PMR) Generation
  11. Bid Result Generation (Quarterly)
  12. Supplier / Contractor Monitoring
  13. Document Tracking and Uploading

Online Capabilities

  1. Summary of Items to be Procured (SIP) encoding / generation
  2. Procurement Monitoring (Transparency)
  3. Supplier / Contractor Registration
  4. Order of Payment Generation
  5. Procurement Status Update Request
  6. End-user Purchase Request Encoding and Generation
  7. End-user Entry of Summary of Items (SIP) / Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) for auto generation of APP
  8. Bidding Documents Downloading
  9. Bidding Schedule Monitoring
  10. Able to Facilitate the electronic Bidding under GPPB