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Dynite offers a Free Online Training “Introduction to Web, Cloud & HTML” for selected Students in GSCNHS

As a home-based programmer and entrepreneur, my schedule is consistently busy with gigs and projects throughout the year. Despite the demands, I make it a point to dedicate time to mentor young individuals and share my knowledge. Drawing from my experience, I emphasize that it is indeed possible to earn more while working from home, thanks to the opportunities provided by home-based jobs.

However, it’s crucial to possess the right skillsets and knowledge in order to compete with the volume of home-based applicants. This introductory Part 1 series aims to broaden your perspective, highlighting that Web Development and Programming can be enjoyable.

By the way, this training is offered for free to junior and senior students only. I hope to contribute to the development of new generations by imparting these essential skills.

Salamat sa nag-attend see you Part 2 “INTRODUCTION TO WEB, CLOUD & HTML” of course FREE ra gihapon. ❤