Inspirational Speech by Danny Rosauro, MCP

AMA Computer College – Gensan and Cotabato Graduation 2016 Inspirational Speech by Danny Rosauro, MCP

Good afternoon everyone, especially to our beloved Teachers, Guest, Parents and to the happiest person today our Graduates.

My task for today is to give an inspirational message to our graduates. I was invited by Ma’am Lucille May Cruz which is my teacher in college, though I am busy working at day time and working at night but I am here as an IT evangelist, giving opportunity and direction to our newly graduates. By the way, I am programmer, web developer and owner of Dynite IT Solutions established my company 7 years ago. It was a hard time to establish a company with no capital just my skills, passion in IT and faith in God. But look at now, I have many clients local and abroad like US, London and any part in the world. I made website and online customized system. You can be also like me a freelancer, homebased programmer and businessman.

Way back in my school days, I am the same with you, wanted be a successful man and give honor to our parents and make them proud. I know the struggles and stress of being students. Like short allowances, assignments, projects and most stressful and sleepless night during Thesis. You should thank your teachers for giving you knowledge, ideas, motivation and their endeavor during your school days.

I congratulate all of you students for achieving the first milestone of your life. Now you are facing second milestone which is to become independent, find a job and decide what future you will be.

As an IT graduate, others will become a programmer, who among you graduates are good in creating apps or programs? Did you know that the number one in demand jobs for now is

Sir, I am not really good in programming what will I do?

In or there are lots of jobs there like:
– Graphics designer – salary starts at 20,000 monthly
– Web developer (php programmer & WordPress) starts at 30k – 60,000 per month
– Game developer – 30k
– Apps developer (ios or android) 40k
– Data miners – 12k
– Virtual Secretary – 15k
– and many more.

Those I mentioned to you are homebased jobs. Did you know that Filipinos are number one in demand homebased job among other countries? Because we are Filipinos are hardworking and fluent in English compare to other countries like India. Your capital will be 1 laptop, Internet Connection and your skills. Anyway skills can be learned. There are lots of tutorials out there in the Internet. There is google, youtube and other tutorial websites. Remember, learning is continuous.

Sir, I am IT graduate and not really good in programming and designing?

I have a student before and he is graduated in a 2 year course. He is an average student. He find his luck in Makati and now he a Software Tester. Did you know how much his salary? A Software Tester in Makati has a salary of Php 60,000.00 pesos a month of course minus tax and his net income is probably Php 45,000.00. That’s a big salary for single person.

So graduates, there are lots of opportunities out there. IT has a wide range of work and you can earn more. I know most us Filipino, our mindset is to work and work and not type of Investor mind. If you are familiar of Startup Bootcamp or, anyone can be millionaire within one week. Is that possible? Yes, it was tested one of the Silicon Valley students. He developed Apps, funded and their apps is famous around the world and now they become a millionaire. So, if you have an idea or innovaton you can submit to and can be funded by some investors. I know there are more resources and great mentors out there. Just do your best.

Once again graduates, know your strength and have faith in God. Either you should go on programming, designing, business or homebased work. Remember IT is fun!
Congratulations Graduates and Parents. Good luck to all of you. To God be the glory.

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